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Finding Scholarly or Peer Reviewed Articles: Introduction

This guide will teach you about finding scholarly articles. You will learn how to spot scholarly articles by looking for certain elements.


If you do not know whether a journal is a peer reviewed publication, you can use Ulrich's to help you. Ulrich's uses the term "refereed" instead of peer reviewed or scholarly.

Simply click on the link below and type the title of the journal in the search box. In the list of results, a referee jersey symbol   indicates it is peer reviewed. In the publication detail record, a column on the left will read "Refereed" and the a column to its right will read "Yes".

Peer Reviewed, Scholarly, Academic - What does it mean?

Peer Review describes the process that an article goes through before publication. Peer review means the articles are subjected to scrutiny by other researchers before publication to ensure the highest levels of academic merit, research value and accuracy. Peer reviewed articles are often called called scholarly, academic, juried or refereed.

Scholarly/Academic refers to articles written by academics and experts in the field. The intended audience for scholarly journals consists of subject specialists, researchers, faculty, and other scholars in the subject area. Scholarly/Academic articles are typically peer reviewed.

Elements of a Peer Reviewed or Scholarly Article

Articles in peer reviewed or scholarly journals are almost always reporting on original research. The article will usually have these elements:

  • Author(s) credentials or academic affiliation
  • A lengthy abstract
  • Report on the research methodology
  • Conclusion or results of the research
  • Footnotes or in-text references
  • A lengthy bibliography

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