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Finding a Basal Reader: Home

This guide will teach you how to find basal readers at the VC/UHV Library.

What are basal readers?

"Any of a series of books designed to teach children to read. Usually a part of a long-term instructional program, basal (or basic) reading programs include a series of readers, workbooks, activity sheets and a teacher's manual, with lessons planned "
Unger, Harlow G. Encyclopedia of American Education. New York: Facts on File, 1996.

Finding basal readers in the Library

Many of the basal reading series that are currently under adoption by the state of Texas for use in the public schools are housed in the UHV Library on the 2nd floor in the Media Center. They are part of our Curriculum Collection. If you are not in the Victoria area and need a basal reader for one of your classes, please fill out an InterLibrary Loan form.

To locate a basal reader series in the Library Catalog:

  • Conduct a subject keyword search in the Library Catalog for basal reading instruction
  • Click on a title from the result list in order to see the complete catalog record. This will give you more information about the series including any supplementary materials that may accompany the series. You can identify the textbooks that contain basal reading stories - you will see "Teachers Ed.", "Student Ed.", or "Individual Story" in the copy/holding information.

If you wish to browse the basal readers, go to the Curriculum Collection in the UHV Library. The staff on duty can find the grade level you need.

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