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Finding Full Text: Search by Journal Title

This guide will give you instructions to follow if you have a citation and need the full text.

Finding Full Text by Journal Title

A diagram pointing out the various parts of an article's search result

  1. Go to the library website
  2. Click the “Search Journal Titles” tab.
  3. Type the name of the Journal Title in the search box.
    1. Note the Publication Date of your citation. This information is necessary for finding the full text.
  4. Click Find.
    1. A new browser or tab will open with the search results.
      1. If results appear, go to step 5.
      2. If no results appear, fill out an InterLibrary Loan request form
  5. Find the exact journal title in the list.
    1. The resources that have access to the journal are found in the list below the journal title.
  6. Look under the “Online Coverage” column to find a resources that has electronic access to your article based on the publication date of your article.
    1. 01/2006-________ means we have electronic coverage from January 2006  to the most current issue.
    2. 01/2006-12/2007 means we have coverage from January 2006 through December 2007.
      1.  If a resource has online coverage for the publication date of your article, click on the checkmark in the Full Text Access column to access the journal electronically.
  7. If your publication date is before or after the online coverage dates, look in the next column for a checkmark in the Print Holdings column.
    1. If there is a checkmark in the column, click on the checkmark in the Print Holdings column to find the print holdings for the journal.
  8. Print holdings mean you will need to come to the UHV Library to retrieve the article if you live in Victoria County or you need to fill out an InterLibrary Loan request form if outside of Victoria County.

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