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Media Center: 3D Printer Policies


The 3D printer promotes student success by allowing students to print 3D objects for scholarly and personal use. Students, faculty, and staff will be able to print 3D objects for art, science, nursing, engineering, and other disciplines. A Dia de Muertos mask, a chemical compound model, a replica of a human organ, an engineering gear, and a smartphone case are examples of items that could be printed. It will improve as well as help demonstrate the technology skills of students.


Who may use the 3D printer?

VC/UHV students, staff, and faculty may use the 3D printer. Guests and community members may also use the 3D printer. VC/UHV students, staff, and faculty will have priority in print queues.


Intellectual Property Laws

The VC/UHV Library respects intellectual property laws. The 3D printer may not be used to print objects that are subject to copyright, patent, or trademark protection.


Print Materials

The 3D printer may be used to print 3D objects in polylactic acid (PLA) and acrileonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic. Only filament supplied by the VC/UHV Library may be used.



The cost of 3D printing is 5 cents/gram for VC/UHV students & staff, and it is 10 cents/gram for nonaffiliated guests. 3D printing is free for faculty members of VC/UHV if it's used for academic purposes. For personal use, the cost will be 3 cents/gram.


Right of Refusal

The VC/UHV Library reserves the right to refuse any print job. Objects which are deemed obscene or harmful, such as guns or gun parts, will be refused. No mass manufacturing (printing mass quantities of an object) will be permitted.



The VC/UHV Library recognizes the limitations of 3D printing technology and does not guarantee that the objects printed will be fit for any particular purpose.


Time Limits

Print jobs with a completion time exceeding that of the library's hours of operation will not be accepted. (Note that a realistic interpretation of Simplify 3D's time estimate is multiplying by two, so a 4 hour estimate will take at least 8 hours, perhaps more.)


Dimension Limits

The Fusion3 F306 printer cannot print objects that exceed 12" x 12" x 12".



If a misprint occurs due to printer malfunction, then the VC/UHV Library will print a replacement object for free. If a misprint occurs due to an invalid 3D model, the VC/UHV Library is not held responsible.


Using the 3D Printer

Users may not use the 3D printer without an appointment and assistance. Users interested in using the printer without assistance must attend training classes. Library users who attend enough training classes to print on the 3D printer without assistance will receive a "Maker" designation on their library card.


Submitting Files to Print

Users must submit stereolithography (STL) files for printing on a flash drive or through email. Library workers will check all files through netfabb Basic for error detection purposes before printing objects. Users will receive an estimate of when their object will be ready for pick-up.


Post Processing

The VC/UHV Library will assist with removing the object from the print bed. The VC/UHV Library will not remove rafts and support structures from the object.


Pickup of Prints

Prints will be kept for 14 days for pick up. Prints that are not picked up after 14 days will be discarded.