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Mendeley: Getting Started

Mendeley is a free Reference Manager that helps you organize your research, collaborate with others online, and discover new research. With this tool, you can select your citation style and create bibliographies for your papers.

1. Create an Account and Download Mendeley

Mendeley can be downloaded for Macs, Windows, and Linux. To download, visit this page:

2. Begin Adding your Research

  • Adding PDFs - Drag and drop articles from your desktop  in Mendeley  to the "All Documents" pane under "My Library"

3. Organize your Research

  • Open the “All Documents” pane under “My Library”. Your research can be sorted by author, title, year, journal, or date added.

  • An document icon indicates that you  have attachments to documents. You can click on the icon to open the document to read it, highlight text, or insert notes or comments (annotate) text.

  • star indicates that you can mark your favorite document.

  • small green circle icon indicates the documents have not been opened.

  • The upper left menu pane under “My Library” allows you to create folders to organize your work.

  • The lower left menu pane allows you to filter your documents or references by keyword.