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Zotero: Home

Learn how to use Zotero, a free, easy-to-use tool to help you collect, organize, cite, and share your research sources.

What is it?

Zotero is free, open-source bibliographic software. Bibiliographic software "collects, manages, and creates citations for your research." Download Zotero as a Firefox browser extension, and it will be available everytime you open Firefox on your computer.

If you use serveral computers, the best way to access your Zotero Library is to sync your libraries automatically via the Zotero server. See Zotero's Syncing Documentation for more information.

Another option for accessing Zotero on multiple computers is to download a copy of Firefox to your portable zip drive and use that copy of Firefox with whatever computer you access. See Portable Firefox for more information.

Visit Zotero's Frequently Asked Questions Page for further information.

How to Get Started

Currently, Zotero does not work with the Internet Explorer browser.

To install and use Zotero, follow these steps:

  • Open Firefox

  • Go to Zotero's web page

  • After reading the information on the page, click on Download (a large red button in the upper right corner)

  • Zotero will be installed as a link on the bottom right of your Firefox page - just above your computer's tool bar

Alternatively, you may install the Standalone version of Zotero. The same download page will have  options near the bottom of the page under "Clients" to download for Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux operating systems.

How to Get Full-Text

  • To link to full-text from Zotero, you can change your preferences to search our Library's full-text holdings.
  •  Along the top bar of Zotero, find the icon shaped like a small gear
  • Click on the small black triangle next to the gear icon and select Preferences
  • Select the Advanced option on the upper righthand portion of the dialog box
  • Find the OpenURL section that contains Resolver:
  • Delete the entire link to and type in this link -
  • At the very bottom of the dialog box select the OK button.
  • Now, any link you import into Zotero will link to full-text in our resources if it is available!

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